My Chaos Theory

Poetry & Prose from S L Thomas

don’t let the bad ones in

when wolves are dressed as sheep but their teeth are just as sharp when you're naïve and do not believe that their fur might be different, but their bones are just as strong you are stuck between a rock and... Continue Reading →


why should i capitalise my i’s when i am insignificant? i don’t capitalise the g in god because i don’t believe in him; therefore, i’m certainly not worthy of the capitalisation because i don’t believe in myself either.

something stupid

i did something stupid the other day, my pain was a knot so i cut it free i carved the pain away and watched it bleed it ran away down my leg and puddled upon the floor claret thick dark... Continue Reading →

you without me

without you and me there is no we there's no us no future, or eternity love is free it's serenity but it's not ours it's yours that's plain to see gravity brought me to you under skies of blue in... Continue Reading →

just hurt

he said he was sorry that i was hurting if only i could just ‘hurt’ it would be better than this agony i feel if hurting is feeling like your insides are disintegrating beneath your tatty skin - if it... Continue Reading →

I should compare

I should compare you to a Cobra's tongue You are full of venomous spit With toxic gases you empty your lung And dim the moonlight after it's lit You coil yourself into the shape of black lies You're the mountains... Continue Reading →

his choice

castrate the things that curse your heart halve the hurt, let it go and start attune yourself to your inner song make music - put the notes where they belong piece together the torn pages ink blotches greyed throughout the... Continue Reading →


Everyone has addictions.  Drugs. Alcohol. Pussy. Cigarettes. Food.  Fuck, some people are even addicted to the sound of their own voices.  My addiction isn't any of the above. I have an addiction to the sweetest nectar known to man. Innocence. ... Continue Reading →


Slide your sighs  between my thighs  I'll read the words Your tongue implies  Colonise, take your place - Reprise  Deft hands play me  Counter-clockwise  With the moonrise  Spread my butterflies  Hear my cries  - illicit lullabies  Make me beg  Don't... Continue Reading →

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